Published On: January 4, 2021|Categories: Announcements|

There’s nothing worse than seeing that giant pothole in front of your car and knowing there’s no time to swerve out of the way to avoid it. (We’re cringing just thinking about it.) If only there was a way to erase them… permanently. Well with Infrared Patching, there is! Erasing potholes is what we do best! (We’re NOT talking about throwing some cold patch in the hole and crossing our fingers that it’ll hold up throughout the winter.) We actually have a proven, permanent solution to save the road and your car. But first, let’s talk about how potholes are formed.

The beginning of a pothole is just a crack. The crack forms due to heavy traffic and allows rainwater to seep in. Low temperatures cause the water to freeze, which expands and deepens the crack. The water then creates more fissures and causes the rock, gravel & sand that make up the subsurface to soften. Passing vehicles continue to create more cracks while water and melted snow continue to weaken the subsurface. Eventually, the base becomes so weak that small chunks of the road break off and the surface is pushed down into the soft subsurface. Finally, a pothole is formed.

Typically, the paving season ends in November- but with our infrared patching technology, we can make repairs all year round! The infrared machine heats the ground up so that the old problem areas of the asphalt can be removed. New asphalt is added and compacted. Because the area surrounding the patch was heated, it allows the old pavement to seamlessly bond with the new patch. This seamless bond is the key to creating a permanent patch because it keeps water from penetrating the asphalt. Not only is infrared patching a permanent patching method, but it’s also more efficient, environmentally friendly & cost-effective than any other method of patching!

Do You Have Pavement Repair Issues? Infrared Pavement Technology May Be Your Solution
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