A fall or trip hazard is caused by a puddle that has iced over, or from an uneven section of pavement where asphalt has either settled, has a lip or tripping edge, or does not meet township or national ADA standards. Slip and fall hazards or trip hazards of any kind can seriously increase your liability as a property manager or owner, so prompt repair is recommended.

Slip, Fall & Trip Hazard Repair with Infrared Pavement Patching

Infrared pavement patching is an excellent way to elevate asphalt to even out irregularities or fill in an area that has settled, causing a dip. It’s quick, cost-effective, and offers a permanent pavement repair solution for trip hazards and other pavement irregularities that need correcting. The infrared patching method has been proven time and time again the best method to eliminate trip hazard liabilities for condo communities, office parks, shopping centers, and more.

A Power Patch estimator will fully inspect your pavement area for any surfaces with uneven transitions or trip hazards. Where two areas meet, if there is a lip in excess of ½” inch it is considered a trip hazard and should be remedied to avoid liability and risk of falling.

What is the Cost of a Slip, Fall, or Trip Hazard Injury?

Slip and fall liabilities are at an all-time high. With average costs per accident now over $20,000, you want to ensure your pavement is in good shape to minimize liability and maintain coverage with your insurance policy.

According to the National Safety Council:

  • Between 2003-12 slip and fall accidents accounted for 25%-30% of all injuries reported.
  • Slip and fall accidents are THE largest cause for ER visits each year – over 8 million annually: that’s an average of over 25,000 fall injuries every day.
  • The average slip and fall injury costs $20,228.00

Do you have uneven or damaged sections in your pavement that may pose a liability? Contact one of our pavement repair specialists today for an estimate and evaluation.

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