What is Infrared Patching?

The Infrared patching repair method is a cost-effective and permanent repair solution for your pavement. It requires fewer people, fewer materials, and takes less time to perform, saving you time and money. Maximize your pavement maintenance budget by repairing asphalt with infrared. The team at Power Patch Infrared Specialists Inc. are industry leaders in infrared patching technology and were the first to implement infrared patching in NJ nearly 25 years ago. We bring effective solutions to repair your pavement problems.

Benefits of Infrared Pavement Patching

The effectiveness, time, and cost-savings of infrared pavement patching are phenomenal, but it gets even better. Infrared pavement patching is by far the cleanest, greenest, and most environmentally conscious technology available in pavement repair today.

Here are some of its many benefits:

  • Permanent repair solution
  • Rapid repair time = reopen the road to traffic immediately after the repair
  • Can be done in extremely cold weather
  • Smaller crew to operate = fewer labor costs
  • Fewer material resources used
  • The seamless patch keeps water out
  • No waste products = no hazardous waste
  • Existing asphalt is recycled into new pavement
  • Clean and green, environmentally conscious technology
  • Cost-effective

The Infrared Pavement Patching Process

First, the damaged section of pavement is heated to extremely high temperatures which allow fresh asphalt and a liquid binder to be mixed with the existing pavement. This creates less waste and uses fewer material resources, making it cleaner for the environment and more cost-effective to repair your pavement. The repaired section is then leveled and compacted to form a seamless patch in your pavement This seamless patch keeps water out, minimizing any potential for new damage.

Unlike other patching methods, infrared patching can be done in extremely cold weather, making it great for emergency repair work. Now you can avoid further pavement damage and limit liability risk from a slip or fall accident. trip hazards page.

Do you have damage to your pavement that needs repair, or need to become ADA compliant ASAP? Contact one of our pavement repair specialists today for an estimate on your project.

One unit. No seams. One  hot concept  in asphalt repair.

We are the pavement problem solvers.

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