Infrared patching is an extremely effective and cost efficient means of pavement repair. Unlike other patching methods, infrared asphalt restoration is a permanent repair solution, creating a seamless patch in your pavement with no way for water to leak in and cause damage. It can be done in extreme cold weather for emergency situations (where other patching methods cannot), minimizing further damage and deterioration caused by waiting for weather to improve. We proudly serve Farmingdale, Central New Jersey, Monmouth County, Jersey Shore, Wall Township, Mercer County, Middlesex County, Brunswick, Toms River, Burlington County, Trenton, Hamilton, and Lakewood NJ.

With infrared patching, there is no need for milling, sawing, jack-hammering or excess equipment. It requires fewer people to operate and far fewer resources overall. This saves both time and money, making it cost-efficient and effective means of repair.