It has been a pleasure! We have used the infrared repair process on numerous occasions in our community. That process has worked out well for our community clients and is a permanent solution to our potholes and in the short term prolongs the need for us to complete an entire paving project.

Larry S.

I have to tell you, Kim I have never come across a vendor as well organized as you guys. I mean it. All around, everyone inside and outside the office knows what they are doing and you are like a well-oiled machine. Kudos to all of you. You are amazing!

Pam L.

I wanted to express my sincere appreciation to you for repairing the sunken asphalt in front of the Food Pantry building on October 5th. As we discussed, it had become a real safety issue, and being a non-profit, we just weren’t sure when we would be able to get that fixed. Thanks to your generosity, we no longer have to worry about how we would afford the necessary repairs, nor do we worry about that area not being safe.

​I also want to commend your crew, they worked quickly and efficiently, and were a pleasure to deal with. Tom took the time to explain what was being done, and in some cases, extended the area that was being worked on to ensure that the area would be smooth. The work your crew did for us was top-notch, as was your entire crew.

Susan H.

The infrared repair process was used on a homeowner’s driveway that was damaged just one year after it was replaced. The repair was able to save the association the expense of another new driveway. The end result was the homeowner was pleased and the association saved a lot of money.

Shirley S.

Power Patch came in and rejuvenated our parking lot, without the pot holes it looks brand new! We could not be happier with their work.

Cassandra S.

Each encounter is better than the last. The infrared repair process worked out seamlessly. It also saved my community money. We will definitely continue to use this process in the future as it also saves time!

Shekeira A.