What is a Utility Cut?

When a city, township, or utility company repairs an underground pipe or installs a new sewer line, they cut the pavement surface in order to dig a trench to repair utility pipes under a road or parking lot. This of course damages your pavement and wreaks havoc on paving budgets, making it essential to have a cost-effective and permanent pavement repair solution that extends pavement life for as long as possible.

Towns across New Jersey are all moving towards requiring final patching and finishing of utility trenches be performed with an infrared pavement patching machine, thanks to the high-quality, seamless patch it delivers. Infrared patching will not allow any new water to enter the repaired area, helping your pavement to last as long as possible. Infrared patching is a completely seamless, thermo-bonded, and permanent pavement repair solution.

Why Use Power Patch Infrared Specialists for Utility Cuts?

The Power Patch Infrared Specialists Inc. team has nearly 25 years of experience with infrared pavement patching projects across the state of New Jersey under every circumstance imaginable. We are comprised of the same team members that first brought infrared pavement patching to New Jersey in 1995, giving us more experience than anyone statewide in infrared technology.

Because we specialize solely in infrared patching technology, we can streamline and fast-track contracts for pavement repair, and easily assist other contractors in repairing pavement deficiencies. Power Patch partners with utility contractors and their vendors exclusively as an infrared patching company. We contract solely to complete the final asphalt patch, and nothing more.

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